How to act after a drunken hookup to get rid of awkwardness

Not many hookups are sober nowadays, most of them take place at Friday bars and pubs. People also get laid a lot spontaneously during corporative parties and family celebrations, even when unplanned.

No wonder it’s very typical for the participants of such a drunk casual affair to feel awkward after, and seek the best solution for comforting all sides. Here is what real people recommend.

  • “Act like nothing happened”. Although sounds silly and impossible, this piece of advice works pretty well in various situations. Behave just naturally and do not create a tension.
  • “Make playful hints”. If a person is pleasant to you and the situation allows, keep on flirting and making hints about a possible hookup in future. It softens the inconvenience.
  • “Show you have a partner”. Some people prefer to set strict limits after online drunk hookup and focus their attention on a stable partner, or at least fake the relationship to calm down.
  • “Ghost on a person”. Doesn’t matter if your unplanned lover wants more or wants to take advantage on you, just ghost on them and keep on living your own life.

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