How to hookup with an adult star pretending to be experienced

Too many people have this hot fantasy, to have sex with a porn star. But why would one think it’s impossible to do? With these simple tips, anyone can succeed much quicker than expected.

  • Treating them as escort. Since adult stars consider sex to be a source of income, it makes sense to motivate them with some reward from the restaurant meal to cash itself.
  • Courting them. Normally, courting is for serious relationships, but adult stars do miss it in their daily life, so it can be a determining factor for them to accept one’s sex offer.
  • Friends with benefits. Friendship and socialization are important parts of adult stars’ life. Having a buddy for casual hookups is the most typical form of the intimacy for them.
  • Two porn stars. Have got any experience in commercial sex and amateur filming? Even if not, you can pretend you did. Hookup a star on Best Hookup Now.Then your affair will have a professional tasting.
  • Playing cool. Adult stars are rotating in the world of cool guys and it’s a norm for them. If you’re very hot, sportive, fashionable, you have high chances to hookup with them.



7 thoughts on “How to hookup with an adult star pretending to be experienced

  1. If she’s in her late twenties, she wants to know that she’s not just looking for a hookup, but a long-term relationship.

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