How Ukraine became independent and why Ukrainian girls didn’t

As you probably know, once upon a time Ukraine was a part of Soviet Union. But even before and after, Russia considered it just a “small Russia” that will sooner or later merge with their territory. Well during the Soviet times women didn’t look very attractive. They actually couldn’t buy any fashionable clothes and were sewing and knitting it by themselves with the help of “Burda Moden” magazine. If they had no time or opportunity for that, they just wore terrible grey or brown bulky clothes. It was impossible to find comfortable and pretty shoes so their feet were screwed in the ugly vice. They believed in the postulate “there’s no sex in USSR” so their look wasn’t that important. Oh and almost every woman had a short hair.
Doesn’t it resemble a modern North Korea?
Well if you choose dating older ladies, something like 45+ years old, then you’ll be able to observe that Soviet way of thinking and style of fashion. Although mature Ukrainian ladies are doing their best to update their brain and appearance, they often remain too conservative, short-minded, and a bit odd so you cannot really enjoy your communication with them. Due to their age, they are rather desperate and ready to pay big money to the dating agency for meeting “at least someone”, and when you decide to move on to another pretender, they write you super-long dramatic letters in Dostoyevsky style. That is not cool!
Ukraine became officially independent on the 24th of August, 1991. Honestly, at that time it was only on paper as the economics of the country has been tied to Russia more than ever and there wasn’t any progress. But, as you know, all hottest girls of Ukraine were born exactly after the 1991. Therefore, they used to the definition “Independent Ukraine” and barely know any real facts about USSR (thanks God). Having a clear mind and not being brainwashed, they successfully passed the Americanized post-Soviet period with Mickey Mouse on all T-shirts and started to look as glamorous as you can see now on their profile photos.
Of course, the mentality cannot totally change for just 1 generation. There are still many girls unlucky enough to be the daughters of most Soviet-minded women who used to work in governmental communistic organizations. School teachers, nurses, saleswomen from old-style product stores – all those sadistic beings could raise only depressed nerds and their photos surely aren’t on the dating sites.
As to those glamorous chicks we described above, the daughters of tricky, commercial-minded people who managed to earn a lot during the time of change, they were all selfish, immature, bitchy, and spoiled until the moment of the Euromaidan Revolution. The event itself, followed by localized war with so many victims, changed every Ukrainian’s mind. Even the Barbies became less skin-deep as the propaganda of national conscience and honor was too massive. Ask them about their patriotic position and they are going to talk for hours. Brainwashing is here again.
The girls’ consuming appetites didn’t get any lower though as the prices in Ukraine grow every day after joining the EU. Only some of the girls are smart enough to continue their fathers’ business or start something of their own. Others remain lazy, passive, and dependent on men. The motherhood only makes things worse. Instead of taking the responsibility, they keep on searching for rich husband or a lover. Very often, they don’t even want to get their hands dirty and choose to find a foreign sponsor who receives back nothing, in physical meaning. Now you got the message.
However, Ukraine did produce some intellectual elite that possesses the independence and self-sufficiency. It is represented by western Ukrainians, originally from Lvov or Kiev, but for some reason, these girls are less good-looking and less committed to date foreign men. They are either career-oriented or willing to reproduce a purely Ukrainian nation. That’s why you mostly see the girls from Odessa, Kherson and Nikolayev on the dating sites.
Although it’s a very slow process, Ukraine is starting to blossom and its beautiful female inhabitants will learn with time how to be true ladies, self-respecting and classy. There are already some rare jewels in this treasury and we’re certainly wishing you to meet them on your life path.

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