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Kiev women vs Moscow women: how to date Slavic girls?

Hot and model-looking Ukraine girls

Ukrainian women are very beautiful, great lovers, great friends, great cooks. What should we know about their difference from Russian girls who are even more famous worldwide?

First of all, this comparison is only meant to simplify the dating process for western singles, but there is a basic warning to never compare Ukrainian and Russian women in their presence.

It’s because of the recent conflict between two countries that has deeper and more ancient roots than it seems. But if to talk genetically, these nationalities surely can be compared.

Sometimes, dating experts encounter the critics from western singles that Ukrainian women have never won any serious beauty contests, unlike Russians who are winning them all the time.

But, never say never, then, Alexandra Nikolaenko was only born in Hungary yet she is Ukrainian and doesn’t speak any Hungarian, and finally, Ukraine was too much controlled by Russia.

If not corruption and political issues every second Ukrainian lady could be a top model and pageant. It becomes so obvious if simply to have a tour in any Ukrainian city bus with students.

In any case, all Eastern European and Slavic girls are very pretty. They tend to be slim, age slowly, smile a lot, do all kinds of sports, and express their sensuality very freely.

What differs Ukrainian girls on a physical level, is a big mix of genes. They often happen to have partially Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Israeli ancestry and this combination makes them smoking hot.

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How to pickup a Kyiv girl comparing to Moscow girls?

It’s always completely possible to start talking to a Kiev woman right on the street, unlike in Moscow where everyone is super busy and angry and policemen are on every corner.

About ninety percent of Ukrainian women speak English at least at the beginner’s level. Since the majority are patriots and love their capital, they are happy to show the way and explain things.

In Ukraine, it’s usually easy to detect a married or taken girl not to get into any confusion. It’s very common for taken women to wear special rings, heart-shaped jewellery, and look more modest.

If she leaves the car at the moment you are going to approach her, better make sure there isn’t her boyfriend or a husband with kids inside. Talk to women who walk with female friends, or alone.

Normally, Ukrainian men aren’t overprotective or aggressive, but there are many Armenian and Georgian couples living there, and they do have a different attitude so be careful.

Girls at nightclubs are also easy to approach unless they are attending some Birthday party and need to dedicate time to the hosts, or, unless their drunk male friends are around.

But in general, it can be said with a great confidence Kiev is much less criminal than Moscow, especially if to hang out and party with a certain wisdom and knowledge of the city.

Ukrainian dating experts in dating blogs frequently list those safest nightclubs and resorts, but it’s also recommended to study other tourists’ reviews in advance to avoid any stresses.

Women in Ukraine are really great with their precious communicative skills and openness, they are naturally flirtatious, feminine, yet serious and able to help with a profound advice.

It’s equally easy to have a street acquaintance in Kiev resulting in hookups or in the most romantic story in a man’s life. Who knows what it brings to, in your case? Try and find out!

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Ukrainian girls as life partners

It is noticed and even officially confirmed by psychological studies that Ukrainian women show a positive commitment even in their casual relationships, treating each lover as their life partner.

They do not do this with the manipulative purpose, it’s really in their character, and men admit they felt greatly relieved for this reason while hooking up with a Ukrainian girl.

Ironically, they didn’t feel that cherished and cared about even by their long-term female partners in Russia or in the west. On the opposite, those women partners were cold like casual lovers.

So, it’s typical for a Kiev girl to make a breakfast in the morning, make tasty snacks in the night, always make sure a man is comforted and has everything he needs. Yet, they aren’t submissive.

They are just treating another person in a way that treat themselves and their closest people, that’s all. Hookups with the feeling of home sweet home? Yes, that is definitely Ukraine!

In case you’re interested in them seriously, you won’t be disappointed either. Ukrainian brides do not make a difference between a foreign and a local man, and treat their partner well.

It’s a unique nationality that historically gave a birth to Kyivska Rus, a land of proud and freedom-loving people. They proved it many times with their revolutions and other events.

If Ukraine had a chance to grow economically the way it deserves, no one would ever hear about gold diggers or immature Bimbos there. But even now, they happen quite rarely.

When Ukrainian woman is getting acquainted with a man, she typically asks questions about his work, family, goals in life, but just to learn his personality better and find common grounds.

Kiev girls are definitely rational even in their love communications, since they grew up in a very competitive environment and are great fighters, they’re also ready to fight on their man’s side.

There are many real examples already of how Ukrainian women helped a western man to grow his business, succeed at work, or start a new project together, either in his country or in Ukraine.

Normal independent Ukrainian women, and they really prevail  over immature ones, perceive any job and financial sources as healthy conditions for raising kids and self-development.

So in a partnership, they balance to manage all domestic duties yet combining them with working hard and, if possible, creating a common project with their beloved that would bring them success.

It’s what western or even Russian women could do at ease but they prefer to remain selfish and keep their aims and goals for themselves only. Ukrainian women make perfect wives!

Kiev resulting in hookups

Ukrainian women and sex

From time to time, dating experts hear stories about Russian women’s coldness in a bed. But this could never happen with Ukrainian girl, since all of them are extremely passionate.

The mix of different southern bloods mentioned above, adds a lot to their sex appeal and sex drive. Men who dated Ukrainian hotties for a long time, report it felt like neverending honey moon.

It’s even hard to imagine their emotional and sexual flexibility, or dream about such a thing. They can easily switch from submissive to dominating, from soft kitties to tigresses.

Men simply adore it, and especially Kiev women’s ability to get intimate in public, to be spontaneous, creative, open-minded, ready for experiments still keeping the old-fashioned values.

It’s like a true firework, and seems unbelievable until one goes to Ukraine and takes a chance by himself. That’s why it’s double more exciting than a planned trip to cold and windy Moscow.

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