Landing in Kiev, Ukraine: A City Guide

Kiev, Ukraine’s capital and largest city, is quite the travel destination (especially if traveling for love). The city is breathtaking. It’s packed with stunning monuments, picturesque sites, ancient ruins, and theaters for entertainment. Upon landing, the first thing you want to do is check into your hotel room, unpack and get settled because there is a lot to do in the city. As for how to get to your hotel, a taxi or method of public transportation is best. Just do your research if you prefer a taxi to ensure that you’re using an honest and reputable service.
After getting settled, meet up with the Ukrainian beauty that you traveled to see, ask her to join you and start making your way around town. Your first stop should definitely be the Great Patriotic War museum. The exhibits are fantastic, the museum gives you an opportunity to learn more about Ukraine’s history and offers a panoramic view of the city which can be quite romantic with the right company.
Along with learning some history, eastern European food must be experienced firsthand. Since you will be there visiting a lovely woman, invite her out to dinner. You definitely want to make reservations at Shoti. They specialize in fine Georgian cuisine and the décor as well as the furnishings are very luxurious. Also, don’t hesitate to check out local eateries along with the many food trucks popping up around Kiev. Casual eats are easy to find.

Lastly, a visit to Kiev, Ukraine in incomplete without a theater visit. They offer an enchanting setting, eye catching architecture, exceptional talent and culture resulting in an incredible evening. To get tickets, simply check for upcoming shows, buy your tickets (they are extremely affordable) and be entertained. There is no better date than a night at the opera or ballet.

Here is The Guide to Best Romance Tours to Ukraine.

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