Women from Ukraine are still dreaming about a marriage with foreigners

According to the employees of marriage agencies, fifteen years ago the students from UAE were bringing thousands of Ukrainian brides home, now the popularity of this country among the women is lower. After many stories about boring life in a burka narrated by Ukrainian ladies abroad, the number of the girls who would love to relocate to the East is decreased. North American destinations are not that popular like they were even 10 years ago, it happened due to the fact that Ukrainians have paid their attention to the Europeans.

According to the manager of Kiev marriage agency “kiev girls”, Ukrainian women like that Europeans know how to appreciate women. European men appreciate Slav girls because they are focused on the family rather than career.

A survey conducted by one of Kiev dating services defined the preferences of those Ukrainian women who plan to marry a foreigner. So, first of all Ukrainian women are interested in Americans, Germans, French, Italians, British. According to the Ukrainian Institute of Demography and Social Research in 2003 almost 12000 women from 18 to 39 years old immigrated abroad, in 2005 -7630, in 2007 – 6690 in 2010- 4800, in 2016- 5700. According to officials, leaving a country due to a marriage is not such a common phenomenon that can significantly impact on the demographic situation in the country.

Nowadays around 70 marriage agencies operate in Kiev. A price for Ukrainian ladies ranges from 200 to 400 grn, this is what do they pay for professional photos. In these agencies most of the expenses are covered by men, this is a difference between Ukrainian dating services and the Western ones. On average bride searching costs around $ 1000-2000. 25-40 years old ladies are the main clients of the dating agencies. Matchmakers are reluctant to help the ladies who are over fifty.

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